Friday, July 08, 2005

When Bloggers Go Bad...

File this story under "Things To Make Your Flesh Crawl..."

As it turns out, Joseph Edward Duncan III, the convicted sex offender accused of kidnapping those two children in Idaho and suspected in the murder of their family, is a blogger.

His blog, Blogging the Fifth Nail, contains entries up until May 13, 2005 - about four days before the kidnappings and murders took place.

I feel VERY odd blogging about this, but I bring it up for several reasons:

* While his entries are very sad, pathetic, scary, and just plain odd, the creepiest part is looking at the comments that people leave - the first few are comments from the time of the original post. Then, you clearly see a line that goes past when the story broke, and the shift in comments at that point. And while Joseph Edward Duncan III is certainly a scary man, the vitriol and hatred and violence spewed in these comments is certainly every bit as scary;

* To my knowledge, this is an ongoing investigation, and yet a wide variety of media spanning the spectrum chose to run with this blog story - everyone from The New York Times to Fox News. SO, if this IS an ongoing investigation, isn't the blog a crime scene of sorts? Why is it still up, with the ability for anyone to not only look at it, but contribute to it in the form of commentary?

* The posts that most of the reports focus on are the last few, as he's getting closer to the date of the kidnapping and murder. But this blog is TWO YEARS OLD. Go take a look at the very first post , and then randomly choose any other posts along the way. If you've ever wondered what goes through the mind of an individual who is capable of such deeds... well, here it is.

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