Saturday, July 09, 2005

May I Quote You?

I think I'm going to try this as a new weekly feature and see how it goes. Each weekend, I'm going to present some of the more inane quotes I can find, and have them read to you by the smooth, suave voice of Cool Dictionary. I dunno... this may be great, and it may just be.... well it may just BE.

I thought we'd kick it off this week with quotes from our favorite Man on Dog Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum. Obviously, this man provides such a wealth of material to choose from, but I thought I would begin with a few choice boneheaded thoughts from the Most Loathed on the occasion of his new book, It Takes A Family, released earlier in the week. Listen now, and enjoy the sounds of Santorum BEFORE (March 2, 2005) and AFTER (May 19, 2005).

Then, as a nice little after-dinner mint, here's a quote from Mary Carey, speaking about being invited to dinner with President Bush.

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