Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Liveblogging - Part Four

* K... "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" - gotta' be the surprise of the night, and a pleasant one, at that. This being said, why does everyone before and after the performance have to apologize for the nomination? "We KNOW this isn't the norm, but just trust us..." Please. And then, rather than just allowing the song to be performed, it's got to be "staged" so it's got this incredibly false feel to it... oh well, at least they took home the Oscar...

* Jon has summed up my feelings precisely when he mentions that later there will be a "Tribute to Montages." I'll admit it... I'm a sucker for film clip montages, but couldnt' they be a part of the "pre-game", instead of stuck throughout the show itself?

* Who WAS that motley bunch that Robert Altman referred to as his "family" during the Honorary Oscar Award?

* If I haven't mentioned it, Amy Adams is beautiful, and her dress is incredible!

The big ones are on their way....

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