Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Liveblogging - Part Three

A few more thoughts as we continue on...

* Jack Nicholson really IS the King of Hollywood, isn't he? He truly IS simply royalty there, sitting in the seat he ALWAYS has, regardless of whether he's nominated or not.
* Rachel Weisz really is stunning, isn't she?
* I'm digging these film montages on film noir and social issues, but wouldn't be great if these were run as "pre-game" types of things to keep the show itself short?
* Whoever was running the prompter for Lauren Bacall should find themselves UNDER the red carpet following the announcement of the last Oscar Award;
* J. Lo has come a LONG way in her choice of gowns, hasn't she?
I'm truly loving the touch that Jon Stewart is bringing to the shows, including the Best Actress attack ads... nice!
* I think I've missed two predictions so far, and that's not doing too bad, considering that we're through a lot fo the more "random" awards that are typically the "bracket busters."
* One more quick thought... it seems as though each person, after giving their Acceptance Speech, tends to walk off to their left... then the Presenters and Oscar caddies quickly point them in the opposite direction, and they all head off to the right. Why couldn't the Presenters and everyone stand on the side where they want the Award winner to walk? Or just let everyone walk off to the left? Keep watching, and tell me if that makes sense.
* Did I mention that I HATE the music being played during the acceptance speeches????

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