Thursday, February 09, 2006

Survivor: Exile Island - Off To A Shaky Start

Last week, I gave my "pre-game" predictions for the beginning of Survivor: Exile Island. Looking back, there were some I came pretty close on, and some that couldn't have been farther away. Some thoughts prior to tonight's episode:

* I'm sorry, but after TWELVE seasons of this show, there should be NO MORE FLINTS for fire. You either know how to make it, or you don't. Period. Giving it to three of the four tribes right out of the gate takes an essential part of the game away right away - and even THEN, the Tribe of Younger Men didn't really know how to use it;

* The Tribe of Older Men is clearly the strongest tribe right now, and it looks as though there are at least the beginnings of the first Alliance between Dan and Terry - a retired astronaut and a retired navy fighter pilot sound pretty potent to me;

* I had marked Misty as the first to get the snuff. That didn't happen, although she WAS the first to spend a night on Exile Island. Not able to find the Immunity Idol (hey, I think it's under these leaves here), she comes up with the hairbrained idea that she'll pretend to find it - lucky for her that her tribe came up with immunity on the challenge;

* I had Cirie marked as the Most Valuable Player early in the game. About five minutes into the show, however, as she exposes her mortal fear of leaves, she clearly lost THAT title. Further props go out to the entire Older Women's Tribe for voting off the one person who could give them some legs in the game... well done... NOT;

* Courtney was pegged as the first to get naked, and after witnessing her little ritual with Mother Turtle, I'm sure I'll win this one;

* No visible retching as of yet, so I'm in the clear here;

* Shane Powers lives up to his porn name by sitting around jonsin' for a smoke;

*Check out the Survivor blog.... pretty damned amusing.

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