Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Molly Ivins Keeps Bringing It!

It was a mere two weeks ago (or thereabouts) that I was claiming Molly Ivins as my hero. Speaking the truth, even when people may not want to hear it, she talked about all the reasons why Hillary Clinton can't win in 2008. Amen, sistah!

Well, I hadn't commented here at PTF about the State Of The Union Address - I figured that our President said absolutely nothing newsworthy (or more correctly "new" - except for all that crazy talk about banning centaurs - whatevah...), and therefore deserved no news coverage.

Molly once again nails it, though. She's bringing the truth, and you've got to read her column on the Jokesters in Washington - taking on the Preznit, John Boehner (and while it's technically not correct, I think it's OK to pronounce it "boner"), and the recently released budget.

It's true... she's not the Belle of the Ball, and she's not sexy, but I'll keep loving her as long as she keeps bringing the truth!

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