Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Apocalypse Perhaps Delayed....

... but trust me, my friends, it's still on its way. Last week, I pointed out the various reasons why the apocalypse was coming.

OK... so I thought it was coming last week. I suppose I was a little wrong.

But maybe not TOTALLY wrong - let's look at the evidence....

Alito was confirmed;

The House GOP elected Rep. John Boehner to their Leadership post after squaring away their attempts to steal their OWN election for a change;

The State of The Union Address featured a President Bush who often times sounded like Al Gore(but then quickly took it back) - a SURE sign of the Apocalypse...

Oh, and we can't forget how THIS turned out.... let's just call it "The Barry Factor".

Not convinced? Look at some of the other proof...

* John Bolton has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize;

* The world is blowing up over cartoons;

* Did I mention that Tom DeLay has landed himself on the House Appropriations committee?!?

Trust me... the Apocalypse is on it's way, and everyone should prepare.

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