Monday, January 30, 2006

Seven Signs of The Apocalypse

Be aware that this week may very well be the beginning of the end. The tell-tale signs?

* GOP Leadership Votes Take Place This Week;
"ummm... is there ANYONE here who hasn't been involved in a scandal.... anyone? Don't be shy... just raise your hand and we'll vote for you....")

* The ENRON Trial Begins This Week;
Look for ole' buddy Dick to pull a few strings and try to get his boys outta' trouble.

* State Of The Union Address;
Polls had Bush going into his 2002 Address at 84%. They dipped to 60% in 2003. 2004 saw a drop to 53% and 2005 sunk to 51%. Current polls have Bush at a generous 43%. At this rate, his address in 2008 should have him at around 20%. Do we need to wait that long to see if it actually comes true?

* Alito Vote;
Note found on Harry Reid's "To-Do" List: Alito vote coming up on Tuesday. Talk to some people about perhaps developing some sort of strategy to let people know that this is bad.

* OSCAR Nominations Come Out Tomorrow;
I haven't decided if I'm going to toss my hat into the ring with my list of potential nominees tomorrow. It's a Catch-22 this year in Hollywood. If Brokeback Mountain wins Best Picture, then homophobes everywhere will complain that Hollywood has "gone gay." If it doesn't win (Crash won the ensemble award last night), everyone will complain that voters caved to pressure about the "gay-ness" of the film.

* Super Bowl This Weekend;
The Seattle who? Oh, by the way, did you know that Jerome Bettis' home town is Detroit, where Super Bowl XL will be played? I had NO idea. I'll be parked on the couch come next weekend, enjoying a fond farewell to another NFL season, munching a tasty Super Bowl snack. Mmmmmmm.... beefy.

and what is the last piece of this Perfect Storm of Apocalypse?

* A NEW Barry Manilow CD arrives in stores this week.
Can't... (cough, cough)... muster the... (wheeeeeeze).... strength to... (gasp).... comment.

It's been nice knowing you, world.

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  • Blogger Meghan posted at 11:43 PM  
    *laughing too hard to comment*

  • Blogger Blue Gal posted at 10:16 AM  
    Don't forget Devo sells out to Disney.

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