Monday, February 13, 2006

Blogging The Winter Olympics - Frode Estil

Yes, it's official. Every year (well, OK... every four years) I say that I'm not going to get sucked into the hype of the Winter Olympics, and every year (yes, I mean FOUR years), I find myself watching some sport that seems to have no interest to me otherwise. Because it's the Olympics, though (and presumably because I only watch it once every four years), I find myself riveted.

It probably didn't hurt that I was snowed in this weekend, as well. (A little aside about the snow... can we ALL just calm down about the friggin' snow? Ya' know, it snows all over the country... nay, the WORLD... and there are places that get FAR more snow than we do. For some reason, though, when the "Northeast" gets a snowstorm, it transcends mere weather and becomes a news story to end all news stories. I. Hate. Snow. And that means I hate "news" about snow as well. But I digress.)

Was it the saga of Michelle Kwan that captured me? No. The Flying Tomato and his highflying snowboarding? No. Keeping an eye out to see if Bode had a brewski on the slopes (he took "fifth"... huh huh... get it? "Fifth")? Nope. Counting the hair follicles of Zach Lund?

Was it Vice President Dick Cheney's failed attempt at the biathalon? Sadly, not even this.

I caught myself watching Men's Cross Country Skiing 2 x 15K. First off, this is one of those insane events - cross country skiing up some damned steep hills, in what amounts to more than 18 miles, if my pocket metric converter is correct.

Now, there are DOZENS of men competing in this event, and as the gun goes off (sorry, Mr. Cheney... didn't mean to induce a flashback from your most recent "wartime"), the Gold Medal winner from the last Olympics, Frode Estil, goes down in a pile of other Olympians.

So, he's now in last-place after everyone has attempted to ski THROUGH him, and to add insult to injury, he's got a broken ski.

How far back does he finish?

Second place, SIXTH TENTHS OF A SECOND behind the Gold Medal winner.

THAT's what the Olympics are all about. Now, bring on the Curling!

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  • Blogger Peter posted at 10:35 PM  
    sadly, i watched that event. how interesting it was that they changes their skis mid-way through.

    perhaps it is how excited the commentators get over talking about these sports that gets involved...whatever it is...I don't know..must go...

    Janne Lahtela of Finland is getting ready to go...

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