Thursday, January 03, 2008

LiveBlogging Iowa Caucus

Chances are that it'll be over before you read this, but if you get the chance, take a look at C-Span, either on TV, or you can link to live coverage here. They have cameras inside a caucus site in Iowa, and you are able to watch the process as it happens.

Maybe I'm just admitting my wonk-iness, but it's retail democracy in action. In the caucus I'm watching, Iowa Precinct 53 at the Theodore Roosevelt High School, the threshold for viability is 57 people. Richardson's group had 47. Others, like Biden's group, Dodd's group, etc. were deemed not viable, as was Richardson's. However, Richardson's people went to the other groups to try and talk them into joining forces to create viability.

You might believe it to be about as exciting as watching paint dry. You might even deem it similar to watching sausage being made.

But it's grassroots, and it's invigorating to me to see people THIS active in their own piece of the political process.

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