Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Chanzaamas, Barack!

For your Chanzaamas present, I'm happy to report that you are officially a viable candidate for President of the United States.

How can I be so sure? Conservatives are taking him seriously, and have already begun attacking him - over 23 months prior to presidential general elections.

On what basis, you may ask, are they attacking him? Perhaps his votes in Congress? His stand on policy issues?

Nope. They're taking on the REALLY important issues. His middle name, which happens to be Hussein. They're questioning his loyalty to the United States in a McCarthyist spirit, stating that members of his family were Muslims, and therefore it would be impossible for him to remain loyal to the United States. They're attacking the way he dresses as being similar to that of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They're attacking the size of his ears.

Have conservative Republicans not learned their lesson yet? These completely petty, insignificant, and utterly ludicrous attacks will only drive voters further away from their camps.

Voters are concerned about the war in Iraq. They're concerned about the economy. They're concerned about gas and energy prices. They're concerned about keeping our country safe from terrorism, rather than fighting an imaginary "war on terrorism."

And while these concerns remain unaddressed, conservative pundits decide that it's far more important to focus on the size of a potential candidate's ears, or his middle name.

Merry Chanzaamas, America. As always, you'll get exactly what you ask for, and what you deserve if you listen to attacks like these.

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  • Blogger Tisha! posted at 6:23 PM  
    :-))) Have to wonder what the future holds for the US and the rest of us.


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