Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A New Day!

Pennsylvania. Ohio. Rhode Island. All Democratic Senate pick-ups.

The House of Representatives switches hands to Democratic leadership.

As of the moment (around 1:00AM), Tester is leading in Montana, Webb leads in Virginia, and McCaskill is ahead in Missouri.

Speaking of Virginia, it's been reported that over 33,000 absentee votes have yet to be counted in Fairfax County, an area of Northern Virginia that will probably break at around 80-20 in favor of Webb. As the recount kicks in, watch how familiar the Republican cry of "every vote counts" will sound. What was it that Republicans called Democrats back in 2000? Something like sore losers, or crybabies, right? How does is feel, Republicans? I bet you feel like counting votes now.

America has spoken and accountability has been restored.

It's a beautiful day!!!

More news and analysis later in the morning!

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  • Blogger Floyd posted at 2:34 AM  
    Another great post, just awhile ago I had my doubts on the Senate, however, now we have a real shot at the Senate.

    I think America has made a great statement on this election and that is in a democracy,,the people decide.

    Beautiful day.. I keep surfing in on blogmad, I am going to have to look you up and link to you, if you don't mind, you have a very interesting blog.

  • Blogger Meghan posted at 10:40 AM  
    It IS a beautiful day!!

  • Blogger Ricardo posted at 10:16 PM  
    I thought this nation was on the brink of collapse but America has said no to King George and I love it.

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