Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why Democrats Will Win...

There was a time, seemingly not too long ago, when Democrats were the ones standing in the circular firing squad. Given the impending demise of the Republican control of the House and Senate, Republicans are now lining up to do the same:

This isn't CNN being the "Liberal Media." No one put these words in the mouths of Dick Armey or Bob Barr. These are CONSERVATIVES trying to tell their fellow "alleged Conservatives" how bad they've screwed up this opportunity.

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  • Blogger Floyd posted at 4:09 AM  
    Hello fleshpresser, found you on blogmad, you have a very informative blog and will reiterate on conservatives like the ones you mentioned;

    These conservatives are upset over the radical swing to the right the party has taken, true conservatives in the sense of the word, are for smaller government and equal taxation.

    There are a lot of conservatives out there now who are distancing themselves from the radical right, Pence of Indiana is another good example of the ones who believe the party has left its true roots and don't let the G.O.P fool you there is descent in the ranks.

    The G.O.P used to be unified but now it has lost much of that unity, once again,great blog you have here.

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