Monday, October 30, 2006

Keeping Tabs on Key Races

As we get closer and closer to November 7th, more and more information becomes available tracking key races across the country. MSNBC has a great interactive page devoted to watching each of the key Governors, House and Senate races across the country. The site is definitely worth a bookmark. They also rank the likely outcome of these races, according to Charlie Cook.

For those who want to call CNN a part of the "Liberal Media," you may be right - that is, if you equate "liberal" to "speaking the truth." It seems in the last few days as though CNN has decided to embrace the liberal media moniker, running a special series entitled "Broken Government." Although sharing some general focus on Congress and incumbents, it shines a majority of its spotlight on where conservatives have gone wrong - even devoting an entire program to nothing but the voice of conservatives bashing their "alleged fellow" conservatives - the result is an engaging program entitled Where The Right Went Wrong.

As you seek out information on the final days of the campaign, I would recommend both of these sites, and would love others to recommend other sites doing a good job of covering the races.

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