Monday, September 25, 2006

If You Want To Bring Up Clinton....

...good. Let's talk about Clinton. In fact, let's let him speak for himself:

If more Democrats would step up and grow a backbone against smarmy alleged "journalists" like Chris Wallace (who wants to be his dad SO much), the Democratic party would be a much, much more successful party:

This is ABSOLUTELY the reason why, if Clinton was able to run again tomorrow, he would win a third term as President of the United States again... despite his moral misgivings, despite his heart problems - all of this would be forgotten. He would win again in a heartbeat. No pun intended.

Clinton has opened a door, and if his fellow Democrats don't walk through it, they're making a huge strategic mistake.

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  • Blogger The Professor posted at 10:22 AM  
    Actually, I prefer not to bring up Clinton, although I must admit he has been one of America's best Republican Presidents. Perhaps the Republicans biggest mistake with him was trying to attack, rather than embrace, him. It would be a much worse America had he not adopted the Contract With America as his own--and the Republicans should have shouted THAT from the rooftops. Who knows, it may have been more damaging than the fact that he was impeached.

    On a more "trivial" note:

    I had not seen the video, but did listen to the audio. In just listening, he actually is sounding more and more like a cranky old man. Seriously--don't watch. Just listen.

    When I watched, the smile made up for it. He is a man that does much better on TV than on Radio.

  • Blogger profmarcus posted at 10:48 AM  
    i am despairing over the lack of huevos in our dem leaders... their performance on the torture bill has been totally unacceptable... i keep hoping something is going to jolt them enough to realize that the real terrorists are the ones currently running the country and that politics as usual ain't gonna fix it... yes, clinton showed some spine, but even he is a day late and a dollar short... the horror story began with the scotus decision of 12 december 2000 and it's been downhill ever since... where, oh where, is our strong, principled leadership...?

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