Monday, September 11, 2006

ABC/Disney's Version Of History

Disclaimer: I am, for all intensive purposes, a Disney-ophile. Not rabid.... not collecting all the bizarre Disneyana knick-knacks or anything like that. I just like their philosophy behind entertainment and creating a sense of magic in a world that craves it badly.

Of course, that status is seriously in jeopardy.

It's one thing for Disney to fictionalize and create cartoons out of Greek mythology, or early American history, or Chinese folklore.

It's quite another to take a tragic event in recent American history - one whose wounds are still very fresh - and simultaneously sensationalize the event for the purposes of commercialism and entertainment (and ANYONE who believes that this was done for any other reason than to cash in on sweeps week is TRAGICALLY misguided), as well as to blatently misrepresent the events which they portray.

I have long defended some rather indefensible positions that Disney has been known to take from time to time.

This most recent, however, is simply indefensible.

UPDATE: Seems most Americans saw through the lies and chose to reject them, or just preferred to watch the NFL... on NBC, I'm happy to say.

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