Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's Mourning In America...

That is, if you call yourself a Republican or a Conservative. And the GOP is girding itself to feel the wrath of the American voter.

Every day, less and less Americans are willing to self-identify themselves as Republicans. In October, 2004, there were 37.2% willing to proudly call themselves Republicans. By January of this year, that number had slipped to 34.5%, and today it has shriveled to a paltry 31.9%.

Meanwhile, numbers for the Democrats are on the rise. 36.1% self-identified themselves as a Democrat in January of this year. Today, the number has risen to 37.3%, almost six points over the Republicans.

Also bad news for the Republicans - those claiming to be unaffiliated has grown to 30.8% this month.

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, the real campaigns will begin, with just over 60 days left until the elections.

Isn't it funny how, in the past, the GOP has embraced their President, defended his actions, and urged him to campaign with them.

This year, all of that is in the past, and the Republicans are scattering as far away from Dubya as they can. In their ads, Republicans barely want to mention that they are, in fact, Republicans. Look at some of the quotes from ads currently running:
Rep. Jim Gerlach, Republican House member in PA - "When I believe President Bush is right, I'm behind him. But when I think he's wrong, I let him know that, too...."

Rep. Mark Kennedy, a Republican running for the open seat in Minnesota - "I'm a Republican. On issues like taxes and spending, I vote like it. But on other issues, I cross party lines."

Rep. Clay Shaw, a Republican running for re-election in Florida - "I represent the state of Florida, not a political party."

Sen. Jim Talent, running in a close race in Missouri - "Most people don't care if you're red or blue, Republican or Democrat. ... They care about getting things done."
Are you kidding me? This sure isn't what it sounded like just a short two years ago, did it? And if it doesn't matter, why are Repubilcans so quick to demonize Democrats as a whole, attempting in vain to sell to the American people that the world will indeed end if Democrats wind up in power?

Why? Because it's Mourning in America, and the Republicans are scared.

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