Monday, October 30, 2006

Your Five-Minute Task for Oct. 30th - Take Back The Capitol!

This is a short task as well... but it may be just a little bit more painful. Today I'm going to ask you to take five minutes and contribute $20 to a Democratic candidate.

After today, your donation may not be useful to assist in the outcome of the election on November 7th.

Look, we're all busy, and don't necessarily have time and or the inclination to go door to door, ensuring that people are aware of their polling place locations, or working to get out the vote.

Campaigns have volunteers in these positions, but they also pay as many people as possible to do these jobs professionally during an election campaign.

This week, it is critical that Democrats have the resources necessary to ensure voters arrive at the polls.

Would you be willing to sacrifce the cost of going out to a movie this weekend if the trade-off were effective leadership and accountability in Washington?

It takes five minutes - but it makes a world of difference. And TODAY is the day to take the action!

Go to Act Blue and make a contribution to your local candidate, or to the Democratic in one of the nation's Key Races where your donations will make a huge impact.

You choose - but ACT!

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  • Blogger Film Aficionado posted at 10:45 PM  
    Pffft. Yeah, like having the democrats in power is going to make that much difference from having republicans in power. The problem with our political system is indocrinated people like you who dogmatically stick to the idea that there is a difference -- especially in this day and age. Such assumptions only perpetuate the problem. I think that I will donate my $20 to charities that deserve it, thank you very much.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 10:56 PM  
    Your argument is only a shield for your complete and total apathy and non-engagement. Your type is what is TRULY the problem with our society.... they whine that nothing makes a difference... things will always stay the same. That way, regardless of who takes control of the White House and Congress, they believe they always reserve the right to stand outside of the process and say "See? I told you so."

    If you truly believed what you say, I would assume that you are taking aggressive steps to fix the problem with our government?

    But let's be realistic... we both know you're not.

    Go ahead and save the $20 for the charity of your choice - although something tells me you won't be parting with that anytime soon, either.

    Prove me wrong. Please.

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