Thursday, July 06, 2006


I love it when Olbermann gets an opportunity to go on a rant, but none are better than the moments he takes to slap Bill O'Reilly around... enjoy!

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  • Blogger The Professor posted at 4:10 PM  
    I must admit to not understanding what the big deal is, but then again, I generally don't watch O'Reilly, or Hannity and Colmes, or Olbermann... or any of that "talking to each other" ilk.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 5:18 PM  
    I simply revel in Olbermann - for one, because I've always enjoyed his commentary and style from the SportsCenter days.

    Beyond that, though, he is the singular host on the "news channels" that represents an alternative to O'Reilly, Hannity, Scarborough, Glenn Beck... and the list goes on and on.

    I gave up on most of the news channels quite a while ago, but I still like to catch Countdown when I can - its usually on the TV at the gym while I'm running. :)

  • Blogger Cb posted at 9:24 PM  
    I too liked Olberman's style and humor from his SC days, but over the last two years his show has gone downhill imho. Why do I think so? Because it has become more and more opinion and less and less (humor tinged) substance. It is not that I don't agree with his opinions, sometimes I do sometimes I don't, it is just that he has become what he lampoons and rails against, albeit from the left. He has become a smug blowhard who is more concerned with giving cheeky replies and call-outs to BillO than having decent guests and reporting and analyzing news. On the other hand, if you put it on Comedy Central you have a hit. No wait, they already did that. ;-)

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