Friday, September 23, 2005

Russ Feingold - A Bold Democratic Leader

I cannot tell you excited I am getting about the possibilities of a Feingold 2008 Presidential bid. For those of you still not familiar with this guy, take a look at my post from last month to get yourselves up to speed.

The latest reason why Russ Feingold represents bold leadership and deserves support from all Democrats, as well as anyone concerned about the future of our country in 2008?

Check out his vote for Chief Justice Roberts. And when you start reading all the liberal whiners (and I'M a liberal, so I'm allowed to call them whiners) talk about how disappointed they are in Feingold, remember that John Kerry (who, as we have mentioned here before, is simply a wasted space in the Senate - and who will cast his "no" vote for Roberts) also voted for Scalia's confirmation at the time.

Better yet, rather than reading the volumes of criticism of Feingold, who took a stand despite his potential future political aspirations, read what Feingold himself said about the vote:
History has shown that control of the White House, and with it the power to shape the courts, never stays for too long with one party. When my party retakes the White House, there may very well be a Democratic John Roberts nominated to the Court, a man or woman with outstanding qualifications, highly respected by virtually everyone in the legal community, and perhaps with a paper trail of political experience or service on the progressive side of the ideological spectrum. When that day comes, and it will, that will be the test for this Committee and the Senate. And, in the end, it is one of the central reasons I will vote to confirm Judge John Roberts to be perhaps the last Chief Justice of the United States in my lifetime.
Simply stated, this is a man who understands the long-term nature of the game, who understands that Roberts is the best possible nominee that is going to be seen coming from a Bush Administration, and who has the savvy to understand that this Administration is about to nominate its second Justice to the Court.

Where Feingold made the bold and courageous stand, others like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, and other "old school" Democrats are happy to simply play to the stereotype as well, at the same time playing right into the hands of the Republicans.

What's most disappointing is someone like Hillary Clinton can't see this as an opportunity to speak to the base that supports her, try to be instructive as to why a vote like this is wrong, and distinguish herself from the pack. Instead, she simply falls in line.

As Democrats vote against Roberts, people like Sen. Lindsey Graham and others now have cover to talk about obstructionism by the Democrats. God help us as the next nominee is unveiled.

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