Tuesday, September 13, 2005

WTF CNN? Kick Kyra to the Kurb

Kyra Phillips just referenced former FEMA Michael Brown as "allegedly underqualified." Even if I thought for a nanosecond that Michael Brown's Arabian Horse days qualified him to head up FEMA, it really begs the question - who asked YOU, Kyra?!?

You'll remember back in July when Kyra began talking about the "obvious smear campaign" going on against poor helpless Karl Rove.

As everyone was covering why Bush remained on vacation while people were drowning in New Orleans, she bent over backward to defend President Bush and how "in touch" he was with the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina.

God bless Nancy Pelosi who at least called Phillips on her shit.

Here's what Howard Kurtz had to say about the exchange:

Another Katrina Spat

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi got so annoyed at CNN anchor Kyra Phillips last week that she suggested Phillips join the White House staff.

Phillips pressed the California Democrat on her denunciations of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's handing of Katrina, saying, "I think it's unfair that FEMA is just singled out" when "there are so many people responsible." Phillips then interrupted Pelosi to ask about past Army Corps of Engineers warnings (and corrected the congresswoman for mispronouncing her name), prompting Pelosi to say: "If you want to make a case for the White House, you should go on their payroll." Phillips said she was doing no such thing.

On Friday, Phillips told viewers that CNN has gotten hundreds of letters, pro and con, the most critical of which said: "Kyra is an unbelievably terrible journalist. . . . Journalists should be objective." She responded: "We're asking tough questions because you're asking tough questions, and we're going to continue to do that." Pelosi says through a spokeswoman that she objected to Phillips's "personal opinions."
Let's be clear - I don't really want to hear ANY reporter inserting their own editorial comments into the story. Give me the facts, and let me sort it out for myself. If I DID want editorialization and conservative views spewing from my news anchors, I'd sure as hell wouldn't be watching CNN. I'd be on Fox, because they do it far better. As it is, I suppose I'll watch neither.

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