Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bush's House Of Blues

Bush will be addressing the nation tonight, using the French Quarter as a backdrop to try and repair his flaccid response to Hurricane Katrina. This comes after "taking responsibility" yesterday for the mismanagement - it was SO clear that this was a repsonse to sagging poll numbers and not to the atrocious crime committed by this Administration (Thanks, as always, to Crooks and Liars for the video).

Maybe in anticipation of the appearance this evening, we should contact the White House to see if Bush will be addressing the following:

* Given the failure of FEMA, Michael Brown's resignation, and the failure of the Department of Homeland Security, why in God's name would you put a political operative with NO experience - once AGAIN - in a position to rebuild New Orleans? Aren't you naming Karl Rove to the job because you really want to repair your poll numbers and your appearance?

* How will you once again defend allowing companies with personal ties to your Administration profit off of this disaster?

* Being a former oil man yourself, maybe you can explain how it's possible that gas prices rise as high as they do in light of this crisis, and yet ExxonMobil will make TEN BILLION dollars in profit this quarter alone? While Americans continue to reach into their pockets and donate to help the victims of this disaster, ExxonMobil will be making 110 MILLION dollars in PROFIT each day?!? This, while you hand out billions in tax breaks to the very same oil and gas companies??? (Hat tip to Kitten for forwarding the article)

* What about those victims trying to rebuild by claiming bankruptcy that won't be able to, as your new law will come into effect before they can file?

Not that any of this matters, because once again Bush will be speaking in a vacuum - no audience in front of him, and no reporters to ask any questions. Total and utter failure. Incompetance. A disaster trying to heal a country from a disaster. Good luck.

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  • Blogger Kitten posted at 3:03 PM  
    Hey...think if Georgie boy eats the fish he "caught" in the toxic waters he will grow a pair and actually get crap taken care of?

    Just curious!

    p.s. SOMEONE was havin' WAY too much fun w/Photoshop! :-)

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