Monday, April 11, 2005

Praise for Prius

Well, it hasn't quite been a month yet, but I'm officially in love with my new car, the Toyota Prius. I've had the Prius for almost a month now, and I've been to the gas station exactly twice (to be fair, the car came with a full tank of gas). This includes a trip from PTF HQ in PA to NYC last week - in my PT Cruiser (Rest in Peace, my sweet lil Cruiser) this trip used to take a full tank of gas. My beautiful new Prius cut that amount in half, AND told me how to get there (thanks to it's groovy GPS).

And now it appears that I was lucky to get mine. People are actually paying over the original sticker price now for the used Prius, in an attempt to get past the ever increasing gas prices and avoid the months-long wait for a new Prius.

Of course, the best just isn't good enough for some people. Despite the fabulous gas mileage the Prius boasts, there are those who have been hacking their Prius, adding modifications to allow the car to be plugged in, increasing mileage by anywhere from an additional 30 to 150 MPG.

The tide is turning, and the days of the SUV are numbered. And kudos to this Green Bay, WI area police department for jumping on the bandwagon. Now, if this means that people are going to look at my Prius like a Ford Crown Victoria, I think I'm gonna cry. Well, maybe not.

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