Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Upcoming Current

OK... "Al Gore invented the Internet, and NOW look what he wants to do?"

"I want my AL TV."

etc. etc. etc.... make all the tired jokes you want.

CURRENT is finally coming, and in FleshPresser's humble opinion, if executed properly, CURRENT has the potential to do for television what blogging has done for the Internet.

Seriously... check out the CURRENT site.

On a slightly related note, can anyone explain to me the partnership between Air America Radio and Clear Channel Communications? I dig Morning Sedition, Al Franken, and Randi Rhodes, even if I'm not crazy about the addition of a Jerry Springer who has decided to hop off the sleaze train and try to become a "legitimate voice" once again.

But how do the Air America hosts rationalize the partnership with Clear Channel? I've only recently found the local station that carries Air America, so maybe I missed the explanation - can any other PTFers fill in the details?

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