Monday, March 21, 2005

My Green Car is Black

For those close to FleshPresser you know a few things:

* FleshPresser is not my real name (I changed for the purposes of PTF, knowing that FleshPresser was more commercially viable - I'm still waiting for my Day Pass to arrive in the mail);

* Survivor is the only true reality show I can follow on a "have to watch every show" basis (I CANNOT believe that there have already been 10 Survivor casts); and

* I love my Chrysler PT Cruiser, and will keep it until the day that I die. My Cruiser was one of the very first Cruisers on the road, and I waited six months to finally receive it... back in the days when they weren't quite as commonplace as they are now.

Well, I guess evolution ensures that everyone changes, and the same can be said for me.

This past weekend, I evolved, and traded my PT Cruiser in for a 2005 Toyota Prius, one of the few cars turned my head and was able to seduce me away from my fossil-fuel guzzling Cruiser.

Although I was sad to see my Cruiser head to the used car lot, I couldn't resist the allure of the Prius. Given the impending drilling in ANWR, the political ramifications of our continued and ever-increasing dependence on oil, oil and gas companies continuing to line their pockets as "dealers" to this growing addiction, with the environmental ramifications and with no end in sight given the state of the current Administration, The Prius is a car that allows me to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, as well.

The Prius is a car that gets 60MPG in the city (where I do most of my driving), and 51MPG on the highway. All this while reducing, and in some cases eliminating, harmful emissions. All that, and the car is damned sexy, too. It has an electric start, Smart Key technology, GPS, and is simply a superior car to most gasoline-only cars.

I'll post more as I continue to discover the joys of driving a Prius, but in the meantime, let's hope that these cars spark the true beginning wave of the future.

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  • Blogger ModFab posted at 12:55 PM  
    You are so freakishly cool. I want a Prius so badly! It's a rockin' automobile.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 1:41 PM  
    It truly is... come visit and I'll give you a ride! ;)

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