Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Running With... And Against... Each Other?

File this story under A Different Kind of Running Mate:

This weekend saw two potential 2008 Presidential candidates running together, instead of against each other. Democratic Governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, and Republican Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, both completed the Little Rock Marathon, with Huckabee finishing about 40 minutes faster than Vilsack. As an avid runner, PTF congratulates both of them for "going the distance." Particularly impressive is Huckabee, who was diagnosed with diabetes and began running as a way to improve his health. He has since dropped over 100 pounds and been cleared of all symptoms of his diabetes. He has become a big advocate for public health in his home state of Arkansas, taking on insurance reimbursements to those with lower incomes, as an example. It's amazing to see how Republicans suddenly find value in public health care when their own health becomes an issue.

If the trend continues (Gov. Clinton in Arkansas, Gov. Bush in Texas), these are two Governors worth keeping an eye on as 2008 approaches. As far as handicapping the rest of the race, Presidential Primaries 2008 does a nice job of ranking both the Democrats and Republicans as we line up for the race.

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