Friday, February 18, 2005

Or Was That A Foot in His Mouth?

First there was Lincoln and Douglas. And now we have Dean and Perle. The newly-minted head of the DNC, Gov. Howard Dean, and the NeoCon Pentagon Hawk Richard Perle were invited to debate as part of the annual forum held by Pacific University to honor Tom McCall, a former Republican governor of Oregon.

First, Dean imposed a media blackout on the event - his first real event as the new Chair. One might think he would want a little visibility for the party coming out of the gate. Well, obviously the party did, as well, and the blackout was lifted a few minutes prior to the debate.

And a good thing, too. Otherwise, who would have been there to cover a protester throwing a shoe at Perle? I, of course, was supposed to be there, covering the event for PTF, but my credentials were revoked at the last minute.

What message was trying to be conveyed by this lone protester in the choice of throwing a shoe specifically? Perhaps he was trying to insinuate that Perle had no sole in his support of the unjust war in Iraq? Perhaps he wanted desperately to symbolize his desire for Perle to hold his tongue? Or maybe he simply wanted to give Perle a taste of what it felt like to be trampled, much like all of those various and sundry rights that have been trampled?

Forgive me, dear reader. It's Friday - the end of a long week - and I just found out that my other web site, has been temporarily suspended, pending a background check. So, I've obviously got a lot on my mind.

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