Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dare We Press the Political Flesh Once More?

For the fact that Spring has arrived - a traditional time of rebirth - there has been quite a bit of death lately distracting us here at PTF.

As such, it's been hard to focus on politics, unless it's been the discussion of whether former President Carter was snubbed in not being invited to attend the funeral of the Pope. And there we are, squarely back at death's doorstep once more.

I guess Death is a Conservative, as He has allowed our attention to stray from the continued shitpile in Washington - but no longer. PTF is back on the beat.

The Hill reports today that a poll shows Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn.) facing an "uphill battle" to take the seat currently occupied by the Frightening Billy Frist - he of the "I Can Watch Videotape of Terry Schiavo and Diagnose Her Accurately" snafu.

I actually see this not as bad news, but good news. The poll shows that Ford is neck-and-neck with his Republican opponents prior to even officially entering the race. Those who believed Tennessee would be an easy win for the Republicans are going to have to think again.

Our continuing watch on Icky Ricky Santorum continues, as he bobs and weaves, trying desperately to redefine himself in time for Election Day. Ken Melman has already been quoted as stating that the top priority for 2006 is the re-election of Sen. Santorum. And now we find the typically pro-life Santorum noticeably absent from the Schiavo fiasco. He's been speaking about raising payroll taxes in an attempt to pay for privatization of Social Security.

But lest he stray too far from the ones who butter his bread, Santorum spoke in support of the "nuclear option", eliminating one more voice of dissent and taking away one more balance of power.

And finally, following Pie Watch 2005, yet another conservative speaker has been cruelly and heartlessly struck down in his prime... with a pie. The poor, defenseless David Horowitz was speaking at Butler University when the terrorist tart-toters struck the man down.

Will the melee of meringue ever cease? Or more likely, will Conservative pundits begin hiring their own Berry Blasters to attack during their appearances, lest they be left out from the "cooler" pundits who have been targets?

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