Friday, June 13, 2008

The Significance of Russert

If you think that Tim Russert was just another talking head for the 24-hour news cycle... think again.

Take a look at some of the work of Tim Russert, and you begin to realize the significance of the loss of Tim Russert:

When people were talking about the remaining potential of Hillary Clinton's campaign, Tim Russert very objectively explained it in plain English so everyone could understand it, fail people from the Clinton campaign:

Beyond his news capabilities, there was another side to Tim Russert:

While Tom Brokaw will anchor this sunday's Meet The Press, I would actually put my money on Chuck Todd becoming the follow-up to Tim Russert, with a close second guess given to David Gregory. They will work hard and be motivated to become "Russert-ian" in their careers, though no one will ever be able to fully take his place.

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