Saturday, January 06, 2007

One Down, and One To Go!

So, the key word for today was HEAT!!! The last time I ran down here (two years ago), it was in the mid-30s when we approached the starting line 4:00AM, and by the time the race was complete, it had moderated to the mid 50s.... awful waiting around weather, but GREAT running weather.

Well, today, at 3:30AM, it was 68 degrees, and nearly 90% humidity. It was GREAT waiting around for the race to begin weather - VERY comfy - but NASTY racing weather. It was in the mid 80s by the completion of the race.

Everybody's times suffered a bit as a result, and by hopes of running the half in under two hours were pretty much shot by mile 8. The only nice thing is that a breeze began to pick up and it remained overcast for most of the race.

Here then, are my official results.... I finished in 2:40:52, respectable for my own records, but not my best. I finished 6438 overall - a VERY respectable mid-pack finish. I finished 3197 in my gender category, and 592 within my age division. These are out of the 15,000 who raced today, so I feel very good about myself, all things considered.

So, now I head to bed, so that I may get up again tomorrow at 2:30AM and do it all over again. Tomorrow promises to be twice as challenging, however. Not only is it twice the distance, but it's supposed to be hotter, and clear skies mean lots of sunshine and little shade.

I'm not the world's best photoblogger, but I took these pictures of the race from my cell phone.... hope you enjoy them!

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  • Blogger Meghan posted at 3:50 AM  
    Rock on, Tim! I'm so impressed you're doing both races. I've got my fingers crossed that the pain doesn't catch up with you until AFTER tomorrow's race!

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