Friday, January 12, 2007

Democrats Quick On Action

House and Senate Democrats have pledged a welcome flurry of progress in their first days leading Congress. Included as priorities:

1. Ethics reform, to clean up Congress so the government can get back to serving the American people.

2. Raising the minimum wage, to give millions of American families an opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

3. Medicare Prescription Drug program reform, to save seniors, the disabled, and American taxpayers money.

4. Acting on the 9/11 Commission Recommendations, to fully secure our ports and borders and ensure that our first responders have the resources they need to keep America safe.

5. Funding stem cell research, to open the promise of life-saving cures and treatments.

6. Energy reform, to address global warming and put America on a path to energy independence.

7. Easing the financial burden of college tuition, to increase accessibility for hardworking students and their families.

8. Strengthening and rebuilding America's military, to ensure the American people get the real security they deserve.

9. Comprehensive immigration reform, to fix America's broken immigration system.

10. Pay-as-you-go legislation, so that Congress has to cover its costs just like American families do.

Action has already taken place on a minimum wage increase, 9/11 Commission Recommendations, and funding for stem cell research. Votes on a mandate for the Federal Government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies as a part of the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is expected on Friday. A cut on interest rates of student loans is anticipated by next Wednesday.

Critics have argued that these are the "easy" issues - widely supported by the public and not facing strong opposition.

I would simply ask this - if these issues are so easy, then why weren't they passed when Republicans were leading Congress?

I am pleased to FINALLY see progress taking place in the halls of Congress.

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  • Blogger profmarcus posted at 10:44 AM  
    i am firmly in support of what the dems are doing... it's LONG overdue... however, beyond all else, so critical that i don't believe it can be overstated, is the constitutional crisis the country faces... unless and until bush and his criminal compadres are brought to a screeching halt (and by that i mean removed from office), the very fabric of the country remains in extreme danger...

  • Blogger Andy D posted at 9:39 AM  
    I don't beleive they are easy. I also don't believe their going to get done near as much as they claim they are going to get done. I also believe there are a lot of democrats that are going to get in trouble with their base if they don't try to impeach Bush or have a total withdrawal from Iraq. Maybe I will be wrong though.

  • Blogger OTTMANN posted at 3:11 AM  
    "2. Raising the minimum wage, to give millions of American families an opportunity to achieve the American Dream."

    That's the biggest deception of all time! Making the mini-wage is the American dream? Puleese! How many layoffs will there be due to companies having to shell out more for less? Watch as the unemployment numbers increase due to this idiocy of keeping the poor folks happy making so little. Dems want them all on welfare anyway, while the lawmakers live in mansions.

    Dems never think, they just do what feels good at the time, all for political gain while denying the consequences of their stupidity that usually leads to recession as Clintoon's tax hikes did just before he bailed. Let's not forget about Jimma Carta and his disastrous years of massive inflation and the highest gas prices in history!

    The energy bill will have the exact opposite effect dems say, driving up production costs that will be passed onto the consumer, as always.

    Democrats certainly haven't changed one bit from their anti-American socialist agenda. The funny thing is that they "feel" nobody notices their lies.

    When the next terror attacks start come, will dems accept the blame for their constant whining about wiretapping the enemy? NOpe, they'll just continue blaming Bush like the evil little dopes they are.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 3:21 PM  
    I'm SOO happy that OTTMANN no longer has a link to his site in his profile, so that his comment won't generate traffic to his site.

    Although, I'd love for you to be able to visit it, so that you could consider the source of these moronic, uninformed opinions.

    Hey OTT - did you ever consider the fact that not ALL small businesses DESERVE to exist? That perhaps if a business can't afford to pay it's employers a living wage, then maybe the business should reconsider it's business model?

    And you're on really shaky ground comparing the economy under Clinton's presidency, compared with our current situation?

    If you looked at THE FACTS, it would be clear to you: Federal spending, on average, goes up about $50 billion each year. However, for Democrats, the average is $35 billion, while it's over $60 billion for Republicans.

    Since 1960, Republican presidents have averaged a federal deficit of $131 billion a year. Dems, on the other hand, average somewhere around $30 billion.

    Republicans GROW the deficit, again on average, by $36 billion. Dems shrink the deficit, on average by $25 billion.

    And wasn't it your very own "Fearless Leader"... "The Decider"... who said himself that we are ADDICTED TO FOREIGN OIL in his SOTU last year? And what happened with that statement, eh?

    Come back when you've got something more than a twisted opinion to share.

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