Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dixie Chicks Live!

I head out tonight to see The Dixie Chicks - from the SEONCD ROW!!

I'll have a full report on the show tomorrow!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:06 PM  
    Have fun, friend! I'm jealous. Loving the album.


  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 3:13 PM  
    Thank you, my friend. You know I'll be thinking about you while I'm there! :)

  • Blogger Lizbeth posted at 10:56 PM  
    You are so cool. I mean. I dont even know how you handle being so cool...

    cant wait to hear all about it!!!!

  • Blogger Jenn of the Jungle posted at 2:05 PM  
    Have fun, I actually like the Chicks, just not when they spout political crap in a foreign country.

  • Anonymous Former Fan posted at 4:20 PM  
    The Chicks should be thankful for fans like you. I personally loved them at one time. Now I wouldn't get out of an "electric chair" to watch them.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 5:29 PM  
    Lizbeth - well it wasn't a Matchbox Twenty show or anything, but it rocked, nonetheless.

    Jenn - you should definitely check them out on the US tour, then... I'm sure they're heading out to CA - and that way, if they do happen to mention anything political, it'll be right here in the good ole USA - so, you shouldn't have a problem with it, right? :)

    Former Fan - No offense, but I'm actually thankful for Fromer Fans like yourself. The fair weathered fans have been weeded out, the place was PACKED last night, and EVERYONE had a great time - easily ranks as one of the best concerts I've been to - and I've been to quite a few. Forget politics - the music KICKED! LOTS of country fans - lots of brand new fans - a good time was had by all.

    Have fun sitting...uhh.. home alone in your...umm... electric... chair? Yeah, that sounds like a blast - no pun intended.

  • Blogger samst117 posted at 6:44 PM  
    You rock, Fleshpresser! Nice post to takeastandagainstliberals.blogspot.com! She (I assume) is an Ann Coulter/Michele Malkin wannabe.

  • Blogger samst117 posted at 6:44 PM  
    you rock!

  • Blogger Meghan posted at 3:19 AM  
    You rock!

    (I'm sorry, I could resist...)

    Seriously though, I'm SO jealous you go to go to a DiChi concert!! I'm glad to hear it kicked as much ass as expected.

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