Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let's Talk Fictional Nymphomaniacs...

All politics and no play makes Pressing The Flesh a dull blog, so occassionally we like to veer off track and cover something completely....uhhh... different.

So it goes today. A reader tipped me to a list created by Maxim Magazine of the Top Ten Best Nymphomaniacs on TV. The list covers insatiable vixens both past and present, but I'm not sure about this list. I'll present the list to you, and then ask for your input:

10. Deputy Clementine, Reno 911!
"If we're ever in Reno, we're going to commit a few petty crimes just to spend a little time with Nevada's horniest deputy."

9. Mona, Who's the Boss?
"This red-headed MILF of a MILF used every trick in the book to try and bed her manly nanny, Tony."

8. Nina, Just Shoot Me!
"Sure, she probably looked like a tan leather handbag underneath those slinky little dresses, but we can't turn down a girl who feels comfortable in front of the camera…or in a seedy motel room, rented by the hour."

7. Samantha, Sex and the City
"Samantha comes out head, shoulders, and exposed breasts above the rest."

6. Lori, That '70s Show
"We always thought Eric Forman's slutty sister Lori would've made a great match for Wayne, the snotty older brother on The Wonder Years."

5. Sandra, 227
"While the other residents of that crappy apartment building sat on the stoop and bitched about their lives, 227's sassiest resident was busy gettin' bizzay."

4. Kelly, Married With Children
"The only problem with watching her trot about with her never-ending line of biker boyfriends was that it evoked the terrifying feeling that we might, one day, have a trampy daughter of our own."

3. Meredith, Grey's Anatomy
"She tries to pretend she's not a nympho, but we know that behind that professional doctor-like facade is a sex-crazed ball of orgasms ready to happen."

2. Lois, Family Guy
"Any lady who can keep house, prevent an evil baby from taking over the world, and doesn't mind lifting up a gut to get to the good stuff is marriage material in our book."

1. Blanche, The Golden Girls

"We always had to admire Blanche's willingness to take out her dentures and go to town on any male member of Miami's trendiest seniors."

So, there you have it. Maxim's list. As for me, I see quite a few faults in the list, but I want to hear from YOU! Are these really nymphomaniacs? Who got left off this list? Who shouldn't be here? Who's rated too high? Too low? C'mon... let's talk fictional nymphomaniacs!

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  • Blogger The Professor posted at 11:45 AM  
    Too limiting.... for one thing, they only addressed women. Perhaps that has something to do with the demographics of the magazine, but to ignore Ted Danson's sexed crazed character on Cheers is, well... blind.

    Also, I would submit the first openly prime-time medical show nymphomaniac, from St Elsewhere... anyone remember that character's name (or the actress?) All I remember is that she was Howie Mandel's love interest, and she worked in the Morgue...

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 12:47 AM  
    I agree with you completely... I would have liked to see men included on this list, too... or to see two lists, at the very least.

    I like the addition of Ted Danson's character on Cheers, and might also include Jack Tripper from Three's Company.

    I also would have placed Samantha from Sex and the City MUCH higher on the current list.

  • Blogger nomadjf posted at 1:54 AM  
    meredith from grey's is awesome.

    i just saw the new snow patrol video on youtube with all the scenes from the season finale in it!


    i love this song!!!

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