Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Shakespeare

Many of you know that in my life outside of the blogosphere, I'm a theatre director and actor. I know that many of my readers are also involved with the theatre, and as such, I wanted to pass along this tremendous opportunity.

A colleague, mentor, and very close friend of mine is leading a unique, personally transformative acting intensive in Shakespeare over the summer in New York City.

"Where Motive and Language Meet" is being led by Stan Brown and Jennifer McCabe, and is a two-day workshop of practical exercises that equips actors with commercial skills in analyzing and performing both Shakespeare and contemporary texts. This unique acting intensive focuses on finding and keeping the ever-shifting balance between personal and textual rhythms.

Stan is an amazing instructor, as well as a beautiful human being, and if you have any interest at all, you should RUN - not walk - to sign up for this workshop.

Dates are July 15-16, 22-23, 29-30, and August 5-6. More information can be found by visiting the web site.

If Shatner can perform Shakespeare, think what YOU can do!

Disclaimer: Shatner's performance should in no way be connected to the fine work of Stan Brown and/or Jennifer McCabe.

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