Friday, June 23, 2006

Whose Line Is It Anyway - Coulter V. Hitler

You may think it would be fairly simple to distinguish between the words of Ann Coulter and those of Adolf Hitler.

You might be surprised.

Take this short quiz and let us know how you did in the comments section.

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  • Blogger Kitten posted at 2:04 PM  
    Wow...I got 9 right. Is that a good or bad thing?

  • Blogger Brad posted at 3:06 PM  
    Great find! I got 11.

    Stupid Nazi Mann Coulter.

  • Blogger The Professor posted at 7:04 AM  
    It would seem to me that, if you get a fairly high score, it would indicate that it is easy to discriminate between the views of Hitler and those of Coulter. Wouldn't that mean they are less alike, not MORE alike?

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 9:06 AM  
    In my personal opinion, isn't is sad/scary/a travesty that one would even have to think at all in distinguishing between the writings of Hitler, and the writings of someone who claims to represent the Republican party? Keep in mind that there are LOTS of Republicans who agree completely with her writings, which are so close to Hitler's that it is often times indistinguishable.

    THAT'S the point.

  • Blogger The Professor posted at 5:33 PM  
    Hmmm I don't find it "sad" that those on the left seem to find such similarities. I find it sad that they say they see such similarities, and yet seem to so easily be able to distinguish between the two.

    I suspect that most of the "mistakes" were similar to the 2 that I had. Quotes that refered to America, that I would have attributed to Hitler except for that word.
    That does thus beg the question: did Hitler actually refer to America in those quotes, or were they "edited"? And if so, doesn't that then make the bias of the source of the "test" even more obvious--and painful?

    So--it's like this. People (on the left) assert that there is a strong similarity in writings of Hitler and Coulter. When tested, they seem to be able to clearly differentiate the two. Ergo--their beliefs are not supported by the test. And yet, as with anyone's beliefs (all faiths, all sides) they cling to the belief rather than the evidence.


  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 12:44 PM  
    I don't agree at all, Prof... in fact, I really couldn't agree less. And the point that you try to pigeonhole this into a "left" thing weakens your argument, as well.

    Do you agree with all of the things that Coulter says here - I'm assuming that it's obviously very clear to you which statements are hers. So, if this is a "left" v. "right" thing, then I guess you're in agreement with her, eh?

    As to the evidence versus the belief, I had a VERY difficult time differentiating between the two. If I thought it was easy to tell the difference, why would I have posted it? Wouldn't that have been a bit stupid? "Hey... look at how easy it is to tell the difference between these two writings.... Isn't that fascinating?"

    I did very poorly on the test. I'm an individual on the "Left." Taking this evidence into consideration, I'd say I just proved you wrong. WITH evidence, and not belief.

    So--this is actually what it's like. People on the Right desperately want to try and defend anything and everyone also defined as belonging to the Right... rather than looking at a person or reference objectively, the person on the Right becomes an Apologist. Agreed?

  • Blogger The Professor posted at 11:23 PM  
    Well, being a moderate, I find myself agreeing with some things, and not with others.

    I agree that your not doing well on the test is "evidence" which increases our data sample to 4. 3 of us have now documented that we did "well" and I suspect were it not for the misleading nature of the (I believe, Mis-quoting) of Hitler, could have done even better.

    Do I agree with everything Coulter says? Heavens no. I do find her funny, however, and recognize that what she does is bait the left with the goal of selling more books. The fact that it works, and is so successful for her, is a testament to her ability to market. Good on her.

    If we were to actually extend this discussion to something a bit more "scientific" I would suggest that we actually administer this test to a larger segment of the population, and get a much larger sample size from which we can then make more accurate inferences.

    Of course, ther are other variables which will be difficult to control. It is possible that many of the people we could ask to take the test will not be as familiar with the writings of the two, and thus not be able to easily differentiate between the two. It is also possible that some may not have a suitable grasp of the English language as to be able to tease out the distinctions between word meanings. (I must admit though that, since I have read neither Hitler's work, nor Coulter's, it might just be a simple matter of understanding that one was advocating fascism and recognizing that, while the other [Ann] is not.)

    I must say though, I am not "desparately trying to defend anything and everyone belonging to the Right." I was simply pointing out that, until your providing the information about your (poor) score, the only evidence here pointed to people being able to relatively easily differentiate between the two.

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