Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nothin' Like A Good Ole' Fashioned Low Bush Poll....

Sit back, enjoy your latte, and as the Republicans do their best to spin on the Sunday talk shows this morning, take some of these facts from the latest AP-Ipsos poll into account:

Bush is back down to 33%, his low point which was reached back in May. So much for his "Zarqawi bounce."

Nineteen percent of those who supported Bush in 2004 are prepared to vote Democratic in the fall elections. REMEMBER that distinction as Republicans tell you they're not frightened - these aren't Republicans stating they're ready to vote Democratic in 2008 - they're voting Democratic in the CONGRESSIONAL elections. SO much for their spin about the November election not becoming a referendum on the Bush Administration.

The number of voters who state that their Congressional vote in November will BE a vote of opposition to the President has jumped to 29%, up from 20% last month - that's a hell of a jump for one month - and expect the number to get bigger as we get closer to November.

Perhaps most tantalizing for the Democrats - approval for Bush in THE SOUTH has dropped from 43% to 34% in the last month.

The generic question of support for a Democrat versus a Republican has gone up to 55% for the Democrats, another rise in the numbers for Democrats.

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  • Blogger Lizbeth posted at 7:47 PM  
    Steven Colbert was on 60 minutes tonight...

    Its a pretty clever interview...

    Worth checking out.

    Ps I will be in the town of the one and only PTFer on Thursday.. World on the street is the one and only PFTer has a meeting at the UDL(Undisclosed location).

    I am sure we will run into one another.

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