Tuesday, August 08, 2006

LiveBlogging GA Results - McKinney/Johnson - Update

DeKalb County remains outstanding - a very significant stronghold for McKinney. As it stands, with 85 out of 167 precincts reporting, and 50% of the vote counted, McKinney continues to play catch-up, with Johnson holding on to a 58-42 lead. Johnson has 17,739 votes, and 12,876 votes for McKinney.

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  • Blogger Peter posted at 10:56 PM  
    friend, please tell me you aren't supporting mckinney? she has no respect for the office. check out my liveblogging if you get a chance - American Moderate Party

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 11:09 PM  
    To be completely honest, I don't have nearly as much opinion on the GA race as I do on the CT race. I am simply covering it as a high-profile primary race tonight.

  • Blogger Peter posted at 11:49 PM  
    And i know that we stand on opposite sides on the CT race. All are interesting.

    Oh, if you want some anti-GOP ammo - we bashed an incumbent GOPer in the Michigan 7 tonight by a extremist religious righty just like lib Lamont over Lieberman did among dems.

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