Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Apologist's Homeland

Seems like the "Nation" of Apologists is getting smaller and smaller everyday. Not only has Bush's approval ratings dipped into that psychologically damaging arena of the 20s, but his overall support across the country is eroding before his very eyes.

While an earlier New York Times/CBS News poll pegged the President's approval rating at 31%, the Wall Street Journal/Harris poll numbers cement him in the cellar. While some may tag the New York Times and CBS as members of the "liberal media," the same can hardly be said for The Wall Street Journal and the Harris Poll.

A recent state-by-state poll conducted by Survey USA shows that Bush has support over 50% in only three states - Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. Total electoral votes for these three states? Twelve. Seems a little shy of 270, eh?

What's more telling are some of the states that Bush is losing... big time. As an example, Bush won Missouri in 2004. Today his approval rating in the state sits at 29%. The electoral-rich state of Ohio, which was the tipping point during the last election? Bush's approval rating is a sagging 32%. What about all those southern states that helped to re-elect Bush? Arkansas? 32%. Kentucky? 34%. North Carolina? 35%. South Carolina? 35%. Hell, he's only got an approval rating of 42% in his home state of Texas!

A few more interesting stats about the Harris Poll - 39% of Republicans stated that they believe the country to be on the "wrong track." 53% of those who would label themselves as "conservative" rate Bush's overall job performance as negative.

Now, if we could only figure out a way to relocate that 29% to Bushlandia, and the rest of us could take care of Reality.

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  • Blogger Lizbeth posted at 12:05 AM  
    See, now hes not up for reelection... but nobody likes him.
    What to do?

    Whats up with Russ F, these days? I havent heard about him latley....

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