Monday, May 22, 2006

Time For The Chicks To Hatch!

At long last, the time has come... The Dixie Chicks' brilliant new album will officially be released tomorrow. In the meantime, you can preview the ENTIRE ALBUM before you can get it in the stores. Beyond the fact that I love their politics as well as their music, it would be a crime for you to not take a listen and see what you think - I think it's easily their fullest, most thoughtful, and most musically sophisticated album to date. Even if you're not a fan of country music... ESPECIALLY if you're not a fan of most country music... you've got to give this one a try. Free to listen... then go buy the album tomorrow. But for today, open up your media player, and minimize it at your desk at work and give it a listen.

Need more convincing? They'll be on Letterman tonight performing, and if you're one of the dozen or so who watch Medium, you can listen for "Lullaby," a new song from the album, on tonight's season finale.

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  • Blogger Jenn of the Jungle posted at 1:10 PM  
    To be honest, I Like the Doixie Chicks. I still listen to them, though I don't agree with the statements made.

  • Blogger Lizbeth posted at 1:20 AM  
    Love.. Them, Their music, Country music, and your blog.


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