Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Orleans Resources

I got a bit sick of watching all the usual suspects and their coverage of Hurricane Katrina, and so I decided to try and find a few other resources to share with you.

As people evacuate, there are webcams provided by the Louisiana Department of Transportation, and you can get a sense of how people are doing, as well as a general sense of weather conditions.

Two TV stations are broadcasting live online - the NBC affiliate, WDSU, as well as the CBS affiliate, WWL - their coverage, for obvious reasons, is infinitely superior to anything you'll find at this point by the national outlets.

There are also several New Orleans blogs online, including Metroblogging New Orleans and Harmony St. Charles. As I come across other resources, I'll place them here, as well.

Anyone else know of any good resources to share?

UPDATE: Here are a few more blogs to check in on: Insomnia's LiveJournal updates; Miles O' Brien's CNN hurricane blog (for what it's worth - I'm not a huge fan of CNN's Spaceboy); Times-Picayune breaking news; and Kaye's Hurricane Katrina Blog.

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