Thursday, August 25, 2005

Child Abuse...

OK... so we're a polarized nation. I get it. And even though I believe that we aren't nearly as polarized as the political parties, media, and pundits would like us to be, there is still a great chasm between large groups of people in America.

Yes. OK. Fair enough.

So, is it REALLY necessary to drag children into it? Are you REALLY so pathetic that you have to choose THIS to read to your children at night?

Is the real way to solve this nation's problems by driving the wedge in deeper? Ensuring that not only will we not be able to solve our disagreements, but that our children will grow up hating each other as well?

The saddest thing? Amazon currently ranks this book at #1,210. Just to put that in perspective amongst the other garbage that some people buy, The Truth About Hillary ranks at #830, The O'Reilly Factor comes in at #26,312, and Ann Coulter's Slander ranks at #27,700.

Hatred amongst adults is sad enough - willingly spreading it to children is simply pathetic.

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