Saturday, July 28, 2007

Obama's Response...

I haven't posted about the CNN YouTube debate as of yet, mainly because I found so many interesting story lines in it, and anticipated it to be a MUCH longer posting than I had time to write this week, and so I procrastinated, and now it largely feels like yesterday's news, to a certain extent.

One point from the debate that keeps coming up is the ongoing attempt at separation between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama regarding meeting diplomatically with the leaders of countries like North Korea and Iran.

Later in the week, Clinton lashed out at Obama for agreeing to meet diplomatically with these leaders, calling Obama naive. This, despite the fact that she has personally attacked the Bush Administration for failing to engage Iran or Syria directly.

Media covered the story as though Clinton had Obama up against the ropes.

Obama, however, has done a great job at turning the words around and creating a positive out of this. Take a look at the web banner ads that Obama has purchased in Iowa and New Hampshire.
One candidate had the judgment to oppose the war from the start.
One candidate knows it's irresponsible to send troops to war without a plan to bring them home.
One candidate believes it's naïve to believe we can resolve conflicts without talking to our adversaries.

Ready for a new direction?
It's nice to see a candidate like Obama, who can speak intelligently and eloquently, and yet has the ability to defend himself when attacked.

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