Thursday, July 12, 2007

HERE'S "...Cause For Optimism..."

No... it's not the cause for optimism that President Bush spoke about earlier today. Here is some of what the President said today, folowed by some brief rebuttal:
"As president, my most solemn responsibility is to keep the American people safe."

According to reports out today, Al-Qaeda is reconstituted and ready to go. So, even if the President believes he's fighting "the war on terror" by fighting in Iraq, he's failing. And even though Michael Chertoff believes that terrorists are not at pre-9/11 levels, his gut is feeling otherwise.

"So on my orders, good men and women are now fighting the terrorists on the front lines in Iraq."

I would encourage you to listen to the "good men and women" who are giving you intelligence. Last I heard (as reported in the liberal-loving, terrorist-sympathizing Washington Times), Osama and the gang was hiding out along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan - quite a distance away from Iraq.

"I believe we can succeed in Iraq...."

But according to the Initial Benchmark Assessment Report for Iraq that was released today, we have thus far only had ANY measure of success on eight out of the eighteen benchmarks. That equals 44%. Last time I checked, that percentage would earn you a big fat "F" in school. As in "FAIL."

And even in the benchmarks deemed satisfactory, there is failure. One of the benchmarks given a satisfactory mark was "Establish 'supporting political, media, economic, and services committees in support of the Baghdad Security Plan.'" While these committees have been established, the report goes on to state that “the purpose for which they were created as their contribution to date has not been adequate."

One of the benchmarks graded as satisfactory was reducing sectarian violence. The report, however, states that "...though sectarian violence has been reduced, it is not yet reduced to a level the Coalition judges acceptable."

And where are the areas where the report deemed efforts unsatisfactory? Little things. You know. Eliminating militia control over local security. Providing even-handed enforcement of the law. Supporting Iraqi security forces. That type of thing.
Where's the optimism to be found, then?

The House passed a measure today which would require the withdrawl of U.S. combat troops to being in 120 days, and to be complete by April 1, 2008. And even though the vote fell largely along party lines, and the Senate GOP is still blocking votes to change policy in Iraq, the shift is slowly taking place. Senate Republicans like Warner (R-VA), Domenici (R-NM), Snowe (R-ME), Hagel (R-NE), Smith (R-OR), Alexander (R-TN), Sununu (R-NH), Collins (R-ME), and Bennett (R-UT) are voicing various levels of dissent against the Bush Administration.

And despite the fact that it is LONG overdue, THAT is cause for optimism.

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