Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bush and the Dubai Port Deal - Are These The Same Convictions That Led Us To War?

As the news of the UAE purchase of several key US ports spread yesterday, both Democrats and Republicans alike ceremoniously joined together to call the President an idiot. Ahhh... such a joyous day!!!

Democrats, Republicans, House and Senate Members all scolded the President for his actions, and said they would all draft legislation to immediately block the actions of the President.

The President countered by speaking to the Press immedaitely upon stepping off of Air Force One yesterday - something he has done only a handful of times since stealing taking the office of President. He countered his suprising number of opponents by vowing to veto anything that would be done to derail the sale of these ports to Dubai.

Generally speaking, this is the point where most Republicans would say "wow... he's such a great President. Once he's made up his mind, he's a man of convictions, and absolutely sticks to what he says." I doubt those Republicans were saying this about their President yesterday.

Well, today we are allowed to see how deep those convictions run. According to the White House, the President didn't even KNOW about the purchase of these ports until after the transaction was approved and completed by his Administration.

Didn't even know.

Did. Not. Know. And. Yet. Threatens. To. Veto.

I hate to keep coming back to the Dick Cheney story, but DAY-UMN... this is just another example in the long list of gaffes that this Administration has made - here's the most powerful man in the Free World, threatening to veto something that he didn't even know about prior to the action being taken by his Administration.

Next time you congratulate the President on his strong convictions, and you think about soldiers sacrificing their lives for their country and dying in support of that strong conviction, think about this story and how far those convictions really run... and where they may actually be sourced.

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