Monday, May 02, 2005

Have you been FABULOUS lately?

If you haven't, then you must!!

By this, I mean that if you haven't been reading Modern Fabulosity, you're missing out. Missing out on some of the smartest analysis to be found, wrapped up with a witty, sometimes catty candor that makes it all go down easy.

Although I'd like to see John Edwards run for President once more under a different set of circumstances, ModFab nails it on the head with reference to some of the other would-be candidates for '08.

In fact, if you want a real clear, representative summary of the fabulousness of ModFab, check out today's posting -short, sweet, to the point, incorporating much of what ModFab focuses itself on, and... well... fabulous! Check it out!

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  • Blogger ModFab posted at 1:23 PM  
    Which reminds me...I still owe you that handjob I promised. ;-) Thanks for the love to MF. I think PTF is a brilliant blog, too, if you'll just write every day! (grumble grumble whine whine)

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