Friday, April 22, 2005

Project Reality

Although I admit that I am NO Reality Show junkie, I do find that I have slowly been incorporating more and more of these shows into my viewing habits. Maybe its the crushing REALITY of Bush, Delay, Benedict, and the like that push me to find some solace in "reality" programming. Guilty pleasures.

I used to be proud in saying that the singular reality show I watched was SURVIVOR, and I am stunned that I haven't blogged on this year's group yet. I was thrilled last night to see Janu take herself out of the game when no one else would take the leather-y, weatherbeaten "Vegas showgirl" out of the game. C'mon... Vegas showgirl?? I've seen victims of white tiger attacks I'd rather watch.

But the Philly hometown girl, Stephanie LaGrossa continues her streak, and is a true survivor in my opinion, regardless of whether or not she survives beyond next week. When I saw that she was a pharmaceutical rep., I had already formulated a pretty negative opinion about her, and was waiting for her to break a nail and bite the dust, but she's proven herself to be not only a pretty face (and have you SEEN those abs??), but a tough competitor - and it appears that next week's episode will continue to prove that Stephanie is a PLAYER!

Of the original Koror, I am a fan of Tom (one of NYC's finest) and Ian (he's got a geeky, quirky sensibility that I like). I was rooting for Coby, as well, but he shot himself in the foot with his attitude - too bad, because he had the intelligence to go further if he would have played his cards a bit better.

Regardless, this is the point in the show where I start leaning forward in my chair - so, I'm sure I'll be talking about it more now that we're into the post-merge portion of the game.

One of the new reality shows I've found myself sucked into is Bravo's Project Greenlight. As a director, albeit in theatre, I find myself absolutely cringing watching the ineptitude of John Gulager, a 42-year old wedding videographer/incestuous family filmmaker. What director says things like "I'm not really a people person"?!?!?!? When I think back to the first episode, and hearing Ben and Matt talking about how they were going to save the show by choosing Gulager... well, it makes me feel real bad for the other two finalists who have to sit and watch Gulager piss this amazing opportunity away. If you haven't logged any time on Project Greenlight, I would highly recommend it! It's part "how-to-succeed in the film business" and part train wreck.

Speaking of "Project"-titled shows on Bravo, the new season of "Project Runway" is gearing up, and they're currently auditioning folks for the new season. Knowing a few friends (Shannon, are you LISTENING?) who have both the fashion and reality-TV background to take on a show like this, I'll link to the specifics of the auditions here. This is a show that I NEVER would have presumed to view, but there is a strange fascination for me in glimpsing behind the scenes into the world of those who decide what adorns our flesh. C'mon Shannon, eeeethar yoo are eeeeen, or yooo are out!

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  • Blogger ModFab posted at 5:53 PM  
    You'll be happy to know that a certain Miz Maddox has been planning for over a month to wow the Project Runway judges next week. I fully expect her to blow them away!

  • Anonymous Paris Labella posted at 1:34 PM  
    are you serious?

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