Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Your Five-Minute Task for Oct. 25th - Take Back The Capitol!

We're trying to give very simple actions for you to take every day between now and November 7th to make a difference in the election.

Today's is simple. Print out this flyer (it's in .pdf format) and make five copies. Hang these five copies in conspicuous public places.

Every time that someone states that Democrats "don't have a plan," mention these six points.

Easy. No more than five minutes out of your day. But take a step toward making a difference on November 7th.

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  • Blogger The Professor posted at 9:50 AM  
    Posted as a comment on your $100 challenge, but thought perhaps a more "direct" posting was appropriate...

    As one of those who consistently points out that the Democrats "have no plan" I had to go check this one out. I did find it interesting, but not substantive. If anything it hinted simply at a return to the old-style spend and tax democrat. How did I get tax out of that? Well, as I point out on my blog, and in my (admittedly poor quality) podcast, if they were to put action to the rhetoric (it's not a plan--plans tell you WHAT you are going to do!) then they have to increase spending. And since part of the rhetoric is to reduce the deficit, they have to increase taxes by more than they increase spending.

    So... Spend... and tax...

    But hey, go listen/read what I have to say. I do give full credit to you and your site... Even have you down on my blogroll... (Do you have any "legitimate" conservative pages on yours?)

    The Prof

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