Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Let the Liberal Flesh-Fest begin!

So, now that Dean remains as the only candidate for the DNC Chair, our attention falls to the pack of potentials lining up for the 2008 Democratic Nomination.

Didn't we just do this???

With only 1,364 Capmaign days left, everyone assumes Hillary will run this time, but some of the other names being thrown about are truly worth the gossip. Will the party support Kerry giving it a second go, should God give him the green light? And if Kerry runs, how will that affect Edward's assumed run? What about Gore coming back for political rebirth? Seventeen years after a "borrowed speech" essentially ended his run, will Biden throw his hat back in? Does Barbara Boxer's recent high profile merit a second look? Others like Richardson, and a particularly interesting possibility in Russ Feingold, make only this clear - as the Democrats continue to search in the wildreness for their identity, Dean may be the only prominent Dem NOT running in 2008.

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